Wollfestival Düsseldorf 2018

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My back is still aching from yesterday. But it was such a lovely day at the yarn festival in Düsseldorf. In the morning four of my friends from our weekly knitting circle met up at my place and we drove to Rheinterassen in Düsseldorf. The first surprise was how long the queue in front of the entry door was. It was impossible to take a full picture as it went around the corner aswell.

And the joy of meeting more friends from events in the past, Instagram and Ravelry. Thankfully we could move forward a bit quicker as we already had tickets.

Inside it was overwhelming. Soooo many knitters and sooo many yarny items to digest. Soon after the opening our remaining friends arrived. It was clear we couldn’t roam together as it was just too crowded.

For the first hours it was intensely crowded and difficult to get a close look at all the beautiful yarn, needle bags, buttons (oh my there were sooo many beautiful buttons😍), needles and all other notions. It was such a beautiful abundance of yarn in all colours and forms.

At the beginning we collected our goodie bags and that’s where I met Jane and Steffi from Frickelcast and won the last of their goodie bags aswell. Truth be told I loved their bag more🙈😆 Thank you so much again😘😘😘

Just as with last year the first round of roaming left me overwhelmed. I bought one skein of yarn at the booth of my local yarn shop Atelyeah that I had layed my eyes on a week earlier when seeing it in the store but wasn’t allowed to buy as it was designed for the festival. So my first haul was this beautiful glitter yarn from Madelinetosh in Black Sea.

We went outside to have a break and as the venue is at the river one could sit with a view.

In addition to my Just around the corner corner shawl by Feinmotorik my bag also held the Strickfreundinnen book in which your knitting friends can enter their favourite yarn, tell about themselves, their projects and stash.

While some of my knitting circle friends (that’s you B. 😘) are a bit hesitant other’s enjoy being creative in it. As were Jane and Steffi. Thanks for this too 😘

Sure enough we roamed in and out again to visit certain booths, to check if one would be easier accessible to get a closer look at the yarn, to revisit a seller when one of us came back with their haul at a booth we had missed or just a particular colour we had missed. More meeting of friends and chats and of course the big picture taking with the Pailleten, Perlen, Plunder Frickel along from Frickelcast.

Later in the afternoon it got a teeny bit quieter at the fair and one was finally able to visit the sellers without being pushed and maybe even have a short chat.

So I did my first haul at Zauberwiese.

These are designed to become a shawl from Melanie Berg’s new book. The colourway is Meeres Sprenkel (Ocean speckles) and unusual for me as I’m much of a semusolid or solid fan as my inner Monk often considers Speckles as to chaotic.

I know needed matching buttons but as it was still fairly crowded we weren’t successful at first. But with more knitters leaving in the late afternoon and some freedom to move as I was the only one for some minutes I found these buttons for the shawl.

Back outside one of my friends showed her newly acquired project bag of which there were surprisingly few at the fair. It was from Zauberwiese aswell and so back inside I went to have a closer look and found a beautiful neutral one matching my new sofa.

And as it sometimes happens I fell in more love with colours at the booth and with the help of one friend settled on this beautiful colour called Geheimpfad (secret passage) and a fantastic big skein of 315g for a shawl that’s been on my Want to knit list for years now.

I love these big skeins. Zauberwiese also has some with more than 500g and they are perfect for cuddling 🙃.

We stayed until closing time when we drove home tired and very happy.

I love this day out with the girls. Thank you girls you are the best.😘

All my love 💞