Running water test knit

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For quite some time I intended to knit myself a cardigan so when I saw himawari’s aka Claudia Eisenkolb’s call to test knit her new design which happened to be a lovely cardigan I immediately applied to become one of the test knitters. I knitted her designs before and I always loved the out come. Her designs usually use purl and knit stitches and with these she creates amazing texture.

This time around she designed a top-down open-front cardigan knit in reverse stockinette stitch and beautiful ribbed details on the back and the shoulders.

Lucky me got allowed to be one of the test knitters and I immediately went to search for matching yarn or more accurately I knew exactly which yarn I wanted to knit with. I chose yarn from dye for yarn in the beautiful colour is A Dark Storm is coming.

The start was pretty easy and I liked the look of the ribbing in the back very much but when it came to join the fronts you have to cast on from the edge which I did wrong on the left side and the stitches didn’t line up correctly. My inner Monk just dislikes this untidyness immensely so I ripped back the whole front and redid it again this time paying very careful attention to align the stitches and now I’m very happy with the outcome. The stitches align perfectly and it is a very beautiful design feature.

As my gauge was a bit off I went up a size and after reading some of the comments in the test thread on Ravelry decided to work in some extra stitches on the sleeves for a little more positive ease. I love the way the sleeves are set in.

As the body is knit in reverse stockinette stitch it’s easy to progress it just takes a while. When you look at your project you might think that the fronts are I really really small but remember that there is still the blend to be added.

The blend is really broad to cover the set in pockets. As I am not a fan of sewing I joined the pockets while knitting the blend in knitting together the stitches from the blend and the pockets.

The final part before weaving in ends is the tubular bind off of 425 stitches in my case.

It takes a loooong time to do so and as I pulled the yarn to tight initially I had to reopen the bind off and do it all over again. Rest assured I can now do tubular bind off in my sleep 🙈.

Due to the dark but still very beautiful colour it’s difficult to make nice pictures of the details but I do love the look of my cardigan and the textured details.

I wore it to the Wollfestival Düsseldorf last weekend and love the feel and look of it. I do have the feeling I might live in it this autumn as it is still fairly light while keeping warm. More details on how many yarn I needed for different parts can be read in my Ravelry project page.

So if your looking for an every occasion cozy beautiful cardigan I highly recommend checking out Claudia’s design. I for one love it.😍

All my love 💞