Keeping warm in winter

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been following the Suvi’s designs some time and when I got a glimpse on her Keeping warm sweater it immediately went to my to-knit list.

I kept looking at it again and again and last autumn I finally got around to knitting this sweater. I am a fan of brioche anyway so starting the turtleneck was a joyful experience and I love that the construction is seamless top down and you’re completely finished once you knitted body and sleeve and don’t have to pick up stitches again at the cast on.

I changed the raglan line to my usual M1R k2 M1L as I simply like it best and added a few more increases to get more ease.
I opted for the waist shaping but did less decreases for the waist and added more increases to move one size up for my hips which also made the whole sweater a bit longer even though I had less rounds between the increases.
The mosaic is simply beautiful. It took me a bit to get into the rhythm of it but it’s totally worth the effort. I love that one only ever knits with one colour for two rounds and the result is so beautiful.

When I finished my first one I was smitten. I liked the colour combo, the feel of the very light sweater and it fit perfectly.
Meanwhile I had already fallen in love with the Pastel de Nata limited edition colour by Rosy Green wool and thanks to fabulous help of the sweet sweet ladies at my knitting circle the Night Sky colour was determined as a match (Danke Beate😊) and I immediately cast on a second one.

The mosaic is even more stunning in these solid colours.

I’m perfectly happy with these two and finishing in time means I can totally enjoy our cast on this afternoon. The ladies at my local yarn shop start a Girlfriends Cardigan KAL. 😅 I already started swatching.

Have a lovely time
All my love💞


Hvide and Everglade

So here is my newest addition to my knitting wardrobe.

On the last weekend of october I had the pleasure to attend a Knit-a-long workshop with Anke from ankestrick at my local yarn store Atelyeah. I cast on her new design Hvide with the lovely Chickadee yarn from Quince & Co. I chose my favourite colour purple and loved both the feel of the yarn while knitting and the seamless construction of the sweater.
I especially loved the construction of the v-neck and the very smooth and elegant edging.

It took me a little while to get into the rhythm of the short rows for the saddle shoulders but it was well worth it. Next time I might want to shorten the v-neck a bit as it is a little deeper than I like to wear it. I’ll probably wear a top underneath just as in the picture.
The hem in garter stitch with a nighty degree twist was news to me and I’m utterly in love with it. The little extra curve at the bottom hem makes it even more lovely.
This sweater was an absolute joy to knit and one of my favourite projects so far.
But it was not the only project on my needles in November. I also knitted with Jetztkochtsieauchnoch, feinmotorik.blogspot and feierabendfrickeleien again. This time they hosted a hat KAL and I knitted the Evergladeshat by Wolly Wormhead for my sister. She picked the yarn herself when we were on holiday in September and just in time I before the temperature drop in november I was able to surprise her with the finished hat in her mailbox.

More details on yarn and usage as well as mor pictures can be found on the project pages of my Purple Hvide and Everglade of Ahrtal.

I hope you all have a lovely cozy holiday season, merry christmas and a happy new year.

Have a lovely time
All my love💞


Just in time at the end of October I get to add this blog to Maschenfeins collection Auf den Nadeln im Oktober and finished my autumn project. 🍁🍂
This newest addition to my wardrobe is a very cozy classic winter turtleneck sweater called Downtime. I fell in love with it when I first saw it on Alicias Instagram feed back in January. I knew I wanted to have one (or more actually😉) for this next winter.

I wanted a colourful version and I might make another one in a neutral colour. For my first one I opted for De rerum natura Gilliat. The total upside of this yarn is that the progress is really really quick and it took me less than 3 weeks to complete this sweater. 😄
And I only needed 4 skeins of the Gilliat.

I like the bright red very much and think it’s a perfect antidote against the grey November blues. And I’m totally looking forward to some Downtime snuggled up in this sweater reading a good book with a hot chocolate and some candles.😊☕🔥
And of course November is the month for the next KAL byDieDreivomBlog Jetztkochtsieauchnoch, feinmotorik.blogspot and feierabendfrickeleien. We’ll knit a hat and you can read all about this KAL here.

Have a lovely time
All my love💞

A sweater with cables and a luxurious feel

Time flies. In the last blog post I told you about the new sweater I started during the KAL workshop day at my local yarn shop Atelyeah with Isabell Kraemer at the end of August. It was a lovely day filled with lots of laughter. 😄
I decided to knit Isabell’s Double Windsorsweater, change it a bit and make long sleeves. I opted to go all luxurious and bought the Tynd by woolfolk. The yarn is so so cozy. It is joy to just touch it and feel it.

I had the pleasure to carry it around in my new project bag from Ducathi.

As the gauge didn’t match I had to make some calculations but thankfully the sweater turned out just perfect(I added the mods in my project notes . I love the feel of the knitted fabric. I would love a teddy bear with this feel but for now will have to make do with the sweater 😂.

As this project is finished I can fully embark on the next one. Next Sunday the Atelyeah is hosting a KAL workshop with Anke Strick. I’m planning to make her Hvide sweater with this beautiful Chickadee yarn from Quince & Co.

Have a lovely time
All my love

Ein erfolgreiches Abenteuer

Sie sind fertig. Meine allerersten selbst gestrickten Socken. 😊 Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis und damit dieses Experiment gewagt zu haben.

Die zweite Socke hat sich etwas gezogen da ich zum einen nebenbei noch an der Trachtenweste für meinen Vater arbeite und das Zieldatum näher rückt und zum zweiten Socken stricken nicht wirklich lieben gelernt habe. 😥 Sie sind zwar in der Tat insgesamt deutlich schneller fertig und vielleicht mach ich mir für den Winter noch richtig dicke Kuschelsocken aber bei sooo vielen spannenden Pullover und Tücheranleitungen werde ich mich vermutlich meistens für eine dieser Kleidungsstücke entscheiden. 😉
Meine ersten Socken liebe ich jedoch sehr. Mir gefällt das Muster der Mirrorwork Socks nach wie vor sehr gut und die Malabrigo Sock in 808 Violeta Africana ist ein Traum. Gestrickt habe ich sie mit Nadel 3,5mm und verbraucht habe ich 54g für Schuhgröße 37.

Vielen lieben Dank noch mal an DieDreivomBlog Jetztkochtsieauchnoch, feinmotorik.blogspot und feierabendfrickeleien, die mich mit ihrem SockenKAL inspiriert haben dieses Experiment zu wagen. Bedauerlicherweise habe ich die lieben Inspirationsquellen letzte Woche auf dem Kölner Wollfestival verpasst(Gute Besserung Jane🌸🌸🌸) aber die Inspiration funktioniert auch so. feinmotorik.blogspot hat in der letzten Zeit einen zweiten Askew me Poncho von Stephen West gestrickt und ich bin arg versucht auch einen zu stricken. Tatsächlich fand ich den bisher gar nicht so richtig überzeugend aber sowohl Variante 1 als auch Variante 2 von Frau Feinmotorik sind unglaublich schön. Ich bin also auf Wollsuche bzw. im ich kann mich nicht für eine Farbkombi entscheiden Modus. Das ist natürlich nicht so schlimm denn ich hab in der Zwischenzeit schon mal als Mitnahmeprojekt einen Schal mit zweifarbigen Patent gestartet.

Mit diesem Muster dem Flaming Hat von Lady in Yarn hab ich letztes Jahr drei Mützen und einen Schal gestrickt und für die zweite in meinem Besitz verbliebene Mütze möchte ich nun auch noch den passenden Schal haben.
Naja und als ob hier nicht noch ein paar andere wips warten würden hab ich dieses Wochenende noch einen Pullover von Isabell Kraemer begonnen aber zu dem gibt es später mehr😄.
Habt eine schöne Zeit
Alles Liebe

A successful adventure

They are done. My first knitted socks are completed 😄.

I am very satisfied with them and with the experiment of making the pair. The second one was a bit tedious as I was knitting the traditional vest for my dad where the target date approaches fast alongside aswell and I still don’t really love knitting socks.😥
They are indeed completed in lesser time and I may knit myself some cozy ones for the cold season but with all the enticing patterns of sweaters and shawls I’ll most likely opt for the latter ones. 😉

But I like my first socks very much. The pattern Mirrorwork Socks still looks fabulous and the Malabrigo sock yarn 808 Violeta Africana is a joy to knit.
I used needles size 3,5mm(US 4) and used 54 g for a size 3,5 in shoes.

Thank you so much again to DieDreivomBlog Jetztkochtsieauchnoch, feinmotorik.blogspot and feierabendfrickeleien for the inspiration by hosting a sockKAL and thus enticing me to try this experiment. Sadly I missed these sources of inspiration last week during the Cologne Yarnfestival (Get well soon dear Jane🌸🌸🌸) but the inspiration continues nonetheless. feinmotorik.blogspot knitted up her second Askew me Poncho von Stephen West and I’m hugely tempted to make one for myself. Strangely I didn’t really like the pattern that much but her first one and her second one are incredibly beautiful. So I’m in search of yarn for my version or rather I can’t decide which colour combo I want mode.
Which isn’t that bad for now as I started a new travel project with two colour brioche in the meantime.

It’ll be a scarf with the pattern Flaming Hat by Lady in Yarn which I knitted three hats and a scarf already last year. The second hat I kept for myself needs a matching scarf for the next season.

And as if I wouldn’t be host to a couple of other wips I started a new sweater by Isabell Kraemer this weekend. More on this one will come later.😄

Have a lovely time
All my love

Adventure in socks

It’s a little hard to believe but in all my 30 years of knitting I never once knitted up socks. My colleague loves knitting socks as she likes they knit up so much faster than a sweater or a shawl and she experiences the joy of a finished project more often. For me I was always sure I’d choose to knit a sweater a 100 times before fighting these double pointed needles. The art of using dpns properly seems like magic to me. Like Mrs Weasley from Harry Potter who swings her wand and gets the needles to craft sweaters from yarn. I strongly believe that’s how dpns work. I admire those capable of the magic to knit beautiful items with this mess of needles. I’m too clumsy for that. I loose stitches all the time or have big lines between them. Top down sweaters may wait months for their sleeves (rumor has it some even waited years). But I came across those tiny 25cm circular needles by knitpro recently and these shortened the sleeve waiting time for my sweaters immensely. 😉
Since then I started wondering about socks. With these short needles or Magic Loop method socks seemed manageable. By chance and universes hidden magic DieDreivomBlog announced a knitalong for socks for August. The charming leadership by Jetztkochtsieauchnoch, feinmotorik.blogspot and feierabendfrickeleien inspired me to embark on this adventure. August seemed like a magic month to try something new as last year during the Olympic games (better known as Ravellenic Games among knitters😉) I designed a shawl for the first time and published the pattern.

The pattern for my first ever socks was quickly found with the Mirrorwork Socks by Thewoolclub. And from my above mentioned shawl I had beautiful purple sock yarn in my stash.

I believe I neglected to mention that purple is my all time favourite colour and with the yarn another circle for August adventures felt completed.
August came and with these Judy’s Magic Cast on which I never heard before. But the riches of today’s technologies provides me with video tutorials🤗
Instead of the dpns or Magic Loop method I opted for two circular needles and after the first few annoying rounds I found a rhythm.
A week later I am very pleased that with the encouragement by DieDreivomBlog and a lovely group of fellow knitters I finished my first ever sock and started the second one. I loved the experience.

Thank you so much DieDreivomBlog for inspiring me to this adventure.
All my love