Redy sweater – jetzt wirds flauschig

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The upside of a holiday definitely is that you get more time for knitting. So before I got sick in the second half I had plenty of a knitting hours – some even with the most beautiful view over the ocean.

Coincidentally my holiday started the same day the knit-a-long from Janine and Steffi from Frickelcast started too. They initiated a funny knit-a-long with cozy fluffy yarn and as I already had the beautiful fluffy sweater on my queue I thought this was the perfect opportunity to knit this beautiful pullover.

The sweater is Redy from one of my favourite designers Ankestrick and I knitted it with two strands(Awayuki and Urugami) held together from Ito yarn. The sweater has a gorgeous neck floating in a big cowl up on your shoulders. It’s knitted in stockinette stitch in rounds without any seams (yay😉) and then turned inside out to showcase it a beautiful unique fluffy texture. With the two yarns held together it’s a bit cumbersome to knit especially as the Awayuki yarn with all its tiny loops was a bit of a nuisance to knit up as I always managed to dip into the small loops but to be honest the texture is totally worth the trouble.😍

So on various days and I posted progress pictures including more Holiday feeling from home when the colour matched the roses in my garden on a sunny autumn day.

I think the sweater is stunningly beautiful and I’m utterly in love with it the colour. It is lightweighted and floating softly and a joy to wear. If you want to read more about the yardage and the modifications I made for the sleeves please refer to my project page on Ravelry.

I very much enjoyed the knit-a-long with Janine and Steffi and all Fricklers. Thanks again from the opportunity to make the sweater and enjoy the Flausch😘.

Right now I’m busy with a complete new technique for me in clue 2 from Stephen West Texture time MKAL. Latvian braids 😯 Stay tuned if the braids or I get to win 😉

All my love 💞


Running water test knit

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For quite some time I intended to knit myself a cardigan so when I saw himawari’s aka Claudia Eisenkolb’s call to test knit her new design which happened to be a lovely cardigan I immediately applied to become one of the test knitters. I knitted her designs before and I always loved the out come. Her designs usually use purl and knit stitches and with these she creates amazing texture.

This time around she designed a top-down open-front cardigan knit in reverse stockinette stitch and beautiful ribbed details on the back and the shoulders.

Lucky me got allowed to be one of the test knitters and I immediately went to search for matching yarn or more accurately I knew exactly which yarn I wanted to knit with. I chose yarn from dye for yarn in the beautiful colour is A Dark Storm is coming.

The start was pretty easy and I liked the look of the ribbing in the back very much but when it came to join the fronts you have to cast on from the edge which I did wrong on the left side and the stitches didn’t line up correctly. My inner Monk just dislikes this untidyness immensely so I ripped back the whole front and redid it again this time paying very careful attention to align the stitches and now I’m very happy with the outcome. The stitches align perfectly and it is a very beautiful design feature.

As my gauge was a bit off I went up a size and after reading some of the comments in the test thread on Ravelry decided to work in some extra stitches on the sleeves for a little more positive ease. I love the way the sleeves are set in.

As the body is knit in reverse stockinette stitch it’s easy to progress it just takes a while. When you look at your project you might think that the fronts are I really really small but remember that there is still the blend to be added.

The blend is really broad to cover the set in pockets. As I am not a fan of sewing I joined the pockets while knitting the blend in knitting together the stitches from the blend and the pockets.

The final part before weaving in ends is the tubular bind off of 425 stitches in my case.

It takes a loooong time to do so and as I pulled the yarn to tight initially I had to reopen the bind off and do it all over again. Rest assured I can now do tubular bind off in my sleep 🙈.

Due to the dark but still very beautiful colour it’s difficult to make nice pictures of the details but I do love the look of my cardigan and the textured details.

I wore it to the Wollfestival Düsseldorf last weekend and love the feel and look of it. I do have the feeling I might live in it this autumn as it is still fairly light while keeping warm. More details on how many yarn I needed for different parts can be read in my Ravelry project page.

So if your looking for an every occasion cozy beautiful cardigan I highly recommend checking out Claudia’s design. I for one love it.😍

All my love 💞


Wollfestival Düsseldorf 2018

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My back is still aching from yesterday. But it was such a lovely day at the yarn festival in Düsseldorf. In the morning four of my friends from our weekly knitting circle met up at my place and we drove to Rheinterassen in Düsseldorf. The first surprise was how long the queue in front of the entry door was. It was impossible to take a full picture as it went around the corner aswell.

And the joy of meeting more friends from events in the past, Instagram and Ravelry. Thankfully we could move forward a bit quicker as we already had tickets.

Inside it was overwhelming. Soooo many knitters and sooo many yarny items to digest. Soon after the opening our remaining friends arrived. It was clear we couldn’t roam together as it was just too crowded.

For the first hours it was intensely crowded and difficult to get a close look at all the beautiful yarn, needle bags, buttons (oh my there were sooo many beautiful buttons😍), needles and all other notions. It was such a beautiful abundance of yarn in all colours and forms.

At the beginning we collected our goodie bags and that’s where I met Jane and Steffi from Frickelcast and won the last of their goodie bags aswell. Truth be told I loved their bag more🙈😆 Thank you so much again😘😘😘

Just as with last year the first round of roaming left me overwhelmed. I bought one skein of yarn at the booth of my local yarn shop Atelyeah that I had layed my eyes on a week earlier when seeing it in the store but wasn’t allowed to buy as it was designed for the festival. So my first haul was this beautiful glitter yarn from Madelinetosh in Black Sea.

We went outside to have a break and as the venue is at the river one could sit with a view.

In addition to my Just around the corner corner shawl by Feinmotorik my bag also held the Strickfreundinnen book in which your knitting friends can enter their favourite yarn, tell about themselves, their projects and stash.

While some of my knitting circle friends (that’s you B. 😘) are a bit hesitant other’s enjoy being creative in it. As were Jane and Steffi. Thanks for this too 😘

Sure enough we roamed in and out again to visit certain booths, to check if one would be easier accessible to get a closer look at the yarn, to revisit a seller when one of us came back with their haul at a booth we had missed or just a particular colour we had missed. More meeting of friends and chats and of course the big picture taking with the Pailleten, Perlen, Plunder Frickel along from Frickelcast.

Later in the afternoon it got a teeny bit quieter at the fair and one was finally able to visit the sellers without being pushed and maybe even have a short chat.

So I did my first haul at Zauberwiese.

These are designed to become a shawl from Melanie Berg’s new book. The colourway is Meeres Sprenkel (Ocean speckles) and unusual for me as I’m much of a semusolid or solid fan as my inner Monk often considers Speckles as to chaotic.

I know needed matching buttons but as it was still fairly crowded we weren’t successful at first. But with more knitters leaving in the late afternoon and some freedom to move as I was the only one for some minutes I found these buttons for the shawl.

Back outside one of my friends showed her newly acquired project bag of which there were surprisingly few at the fair. It was from Zauberwiese aswell and so back inside I went to have a closer look and found a beautiful neutral one matching my new sofa.

And as it sometimes happens I fell in more love with colours at the booth and with the help of one friend settled on this beautiful colour called Geheimpfad (secret passage) and a fantastic big skein of 315g for a shawl that’s been on my Want to knit list for years now.

I love these big skeins. Zauberwiese also has some with more than 500g and they are perfect for cuddling 🙃.

We stayed until closing time when we drove home tired and very happy.

I love this day out with the girls. Thank you girls you are the best.😘

All my love 💞


Happy world cat day

To this day the best gift I ever got was a tiny ginger cat for my A-level graduation (never mind I begged for a cat since age 5 when our family cat died). Maikey was a star.

He moved in when he was just three weeks old as his previous owner drowned all his siblings and he was rescued last minute. Raising him by hand created a very close bond and he went with me to the bus station in the morning and awaited me in the evening. He came with me when I went to the grocery store and was in many ways more like a dog than a cat. He meowed when he was outside and it started to rain and very often found himself a nice neighbour who’d carry him home under an umbrella. He went into the pub with the neighbourhood boys and was brought home drunk in the middle of the night sleeping for 48 hours straight. He was home in more than one neighbour house.He’s the cat I can tell the most anecdotes about. When I moved out of my parent’s house I took him with me much to the disappointment of my dad who took the little one on more than one adventure when I wasn’t looking.

As I was working all day I found him a companion so he wouldn’t be alone and bored moving from a house with garden (and freedom) to a small flat. Pucky was way more shy and lost a lot of battles. This was us for a couple of years and several moves from flats with and without outdoor room to houses with wild fields around us and back to a second floor flat again. They took it really well. But then Mickey died from cancer never seeing the new home with garden I had arranged and it broke my heart as too the last minute he’d pick up on my mood always trying to console me.

Just a 1.5 years later Pucky died after an epileptic seizure following his diabetes. During this seizures I bit me heavily in my leg and I found myself sitting on my vet’s table at 4 am who cared for my wounds after having cared for my cat.

Mourning I resolved to not get another cat. But of course that didn’t last long and a couple of months later the cat of the colleague of my brother in law had kittens and he took me to visit them. I lost my heart and soon after found myself with Jeannie and Duncan.

Unfortunately there was something wrong with the genes of this litter and Jeannie became very sick. When she died at only age four she was the last but one of this litter to die. Only Duncan who was the only one with fluffy fur survived and still does at age nine.

As I didn’t want him to be alone Russell completed our team again. Russell’s arrival was an adventure as I rescued him with my then boss in a lunch break and he has the honour of having been to my office and met some colleagues. We still call him my former boss‘ godchild.

His second name is Krawalli which translates into rebel. He is curious and from the start had the upper hand on Duncan who was almost 5 years older. He picks fights in the neighbourhood and is the cat I had to take to the vet the most. (And may I just add that I my vet is a genius and often went the extra mile on weekends or in the middle of a night.) But Russell also is a Zen teacher in the art of relaxation.

It’s more than two decades since my parents gifted me with that first tiny ginger ball of fur and today Russell and Duncan are my much loved roomies.

All my love 💞


Keeping warm in winter

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been following the Suvi’s designs some time and when I got a glimpse on her Keeping warm sweater it immediately went to my to-knit list.

I kept looking at it again and again and last autumn I finally got around to knitting this sweater. I am a fan of brioche anyway so starting the turtleneck was a joyful experience and I love that the construction is seamless top down and you’re completely finished once you knitted body and sleeve and don’t have to pick up stitches again at the cast on.

I changed the raglan line to my usual M1R k2 M1L as I simply like it best and added a few more increases to get more ease.
I opted for the waist shaping but did less decreases for the waist and added more increases to move one size up for my hips which also made the whole sweater a bit longer even though I had less rounds between the increases.
The mosaic is simply beautiful. It took me a bit to get into the rhythm of it but it’s totally worth the effort. I love that one only ever knits with one colour for two rounds and the result is so beautiful.

When I finished my first one I was smitten. I liked the colour combo, the feel of the very light sweater and it fit perfectly.
Meanwhile I had already fallen in love with the Pastel de Nata limited edition colour by Rosy Green wool and thanks to fabulous help of the sweet sweet ladies at my knitting circle the Night Sky colour was determined as a match (Danke Beate😊) and I immediately cast on a second one.

The mosaic is even more stunning in these solid colours.

I’m perfectly happy with these two and finishing in time means I can totally enjoy our cast on this afternoon. The ladies at my local yarn shop start a Girlfriends Cardigan KAL. 😅 I already started swatching.

Have a lovely time
All my love💞

Hvide and Everglade

So here is my newest addition to my knitting wardrobe.

On the last weekend of october I had the pleasure to attend a Knit-a-long workshop with Anke from ankestrick at my local yarn store Atelyeah. I cast on her new design Hvide with the lovely Chickadee yarn from Quince & Co. I chose my favourite colour purple and loved both the feel of the yarn while knitting and the seamless construction of the sweater.
I especially loved the construction of the v-neck and the very smooth and elegant edging.

It took me a little while to get into the rhythm of the short rows for the saddle shoulders but it was well worth it. Next time I might want to shorten the v-neck a bit as it is a little deeper than I like to wear it. I’ll probably wear a top underneath just as in the picture.
The hem in garter stitch with a nighty degree twist was news to me and I’m utterly in love with it. The little extra curve at the bottom hem makes it even more lovely.
This sweater was an absolute joy to knit and one of my favourite projects so far.
But it was not the only project on my needles in November. I also knitted with Jetztkochtsieauchnoch, feinmotorik.blogspot and feierabendfrickeleien again. This time they hosted a hat KAL and I knitted the Evergladeshat by Wolly Wormhead for my sister. She picked the yarn herself when we were on holiday in September and just in time I before the temperature drop in november I was able to surprise her with the finished hat in her mailbox.

More details on yarn and usage as well as mor pictures can be found on the project pages of my Purple Hvide and Everglade of Ahrtal.

I hope you all have a lovely cozy holiday season, merry christmas and a happy new year.

Have a lovely time
All my love💞


Just in time at the end of October I get to add this blog to Maschenfeins collection Auf den Nadeln im Oktober and finished my autumn project. 🍁🍂
This newest addition to my wardrobe is a very cozy classic winter turtleneck sweater called Downtime. I fell in love with it when I first saw it on Alicias Instagram feed back in January. I knew I wanted to have one (or more actually😉) for this next winter.

I wanted a colourful version and I might make another one in a neutral colour. For my first one I opted for De rerum natura Gilliat. The total upside of this yarn is that the progress is really really quick and it took me less than 3 weeks to complete this sweater. 😄
And I only needed 4 skeins of the Gilliat.

I like the bright red very much and think it’s a perfect antidote against the grey November blues. And I’m totally looking forward to some Downtime snuggled up in this sweater reading a good book with a hot chocolate and some candles.😊☕🔥
And of course November is the month for the next KAL byDieDreivomBlog Jetztkochtsieauchnoch, feinmotorik.blogspot and feierabendfrickeleien. We’ll knit a hat and you can read all about this KAL here.

Have a lovely time
All my love💞