Redy sweater – jetzt wirds flauschig

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The upside of a holiday definitely is that you get more time for knitting. So before I got sick in the second half I had plenty of a knitting hours – some even with the most beautiful view over the ocean.

Coincidentally my holiday started the same day the knit-a-long from Janine and Steffi from Frickelcast started too. They initiated a funny knit-a-long with cozy fluffy yarn and as I already had the beautiful fluffy sweater on my queue I thought this was the perfect opportunity to knit this beautiful pullover.

The sweater is Redy from one of my favourite designers Ankestrick and I knitted it with two strands(Awayuki and Urugami) held together from Ito yarn. The sweater has a gorgeous neck floating in a big cowl up on your shoulders. It’s knitted in stockinette stitch in rounds without any seams (yay😉) and then turned inside out to showcase it a beautiful unique fluffy texture. With the two yarns held together it’s a bit cumbersome to knit especially as the Awayuki yarn with all its tiny loops was a bit of a nuisance to knit up as I always managed to dip into the small loops but to be honest the texture is totally worth the trouble.😍

So on various days and I posted progress pictures including more Holiday feeling from home when the colour matched the roses in my garden on a sunny autumn day.

I think the sweater is stunningly beautiful and I’m utterly in love with it the colour. It is lightweighted and floating softly and a joy to wear. If you want to read more about the yardage and the modifications I made for the sleeves please refer to my project page on Ravelry.

I very much enjoyed the knit-a-long with Janine and Steffi and all Fricklers. Thanks again from the opportunity to make the sweater and enjoy the Flausch😘.

Right now I’m busy with a complete new technique for me in clue 2 from Stephen West Texture time MKAL. Latvian braids 😯 Stay tuned if the braids or I get to win 😉

All my love 💞


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