Fading point shawls

This week my second fading point shawl hopped of the blocking mat.

This time during July I participated in the Strickelfen KAL to knit this popular shawl design by Joji. The KAL was the hosted by Jetztkochtsieauchnoch,
FeierabendFrickeleien and Feinmotorik. When I knitted myfirst fading point back in May I was delighted about the gradient fading from purple to green with yarn I bought at yarnoverberlin.

It’s a mixture of dreamincolor and Malabrigo mechita. It was so much fun knitting it I knew immediately I wanted to make a second one. I originally had planned to do it later this year but when the Strickelfen started their KAL I just had to start the second one because just days ago I had bought a lovely fading kit from purlandknit. It was originally planned for 7 colours but I just used five of these going from a deep blue to a bright yellow.

The yarn was lovely to knit up and I am still in love with the colours.
The design is so much fun to knit as it’s very entertaining: you are always curious to bring in the the next colour or start the next lace section. The lace part is really easy to knit up. It’s an interesting construction too as you knit two parts and then join them at the end. All the colours add up to quite a few ends that need weaving in which was my least favourite part.
I’m very happy with these two additions to my shawl collection.😆

Thank you Anike for the lovely yarn and special thanks to Jane and Steffi for mentioning my shawl in their utterly entertaining podcast Frickelcast😚

Have a lovely time
All my love💞


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