Just in time at the end of October I get to add this blog to Maschenfeins collection Auf den Nadeln im Oktober and finished my autumn project. 🍁🍂
This newest addition to my wardrobe is a very cozy classic winter turtleneck sweater called Downtime. I fell in love with it when I first saw it on Alicias Instagram feed back in January. I knew I wanted to have one (or more actually😉) for this next winter.

I wanted a colourful version and I might make another one in a neutral colour. For my first one I opted for De rerum natura Gilliat. The total upside of this yarn is that the progress is really really quick and it took me less than 3 weeks to complete this sweater. 😄
And I only needed 4 skeins of the Gilliat.

I like the bright red very much and think it’s a perfect antidote against the grey November blues. And I’m totally looking forward to some Downtime snuggled up in this sweater reading a good book with a hot chocolate and some candles.😊☕🔥
And of course November is the month for the next KAL byDieDreivomBlog Jetztkochtsieauchnoch, feinmotorik.blogspot and feierabendfrickeleien. We’ll knit a hat and you can read all about this KAL here.

Have a lovely time
All my love💞


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