A successful adventure

They are done. My first knitted socks are completed 😄.

I am very satisfied with them and with the experiment of making the pair. The second one was a bit tedious as I was knitting the traditional vest for my dad where the target date approaches fast alongside aswell and I still don’t really love knitting socks.😥
They are indeed completed in lesser time and I may knit myself some cozy ones for the cold season but with all the enticing patterns of sweaters and shawls I’ll most likely opt for the latter ones. 😉

But I like my first socks very much. The pattern Mirrorwork Socks still looks fabulous and the Malabrigo sock yarn 808 Violeta Africana is a joy to knit.
I used needles size 3,5mm(US 4) and used 54 g for a size 3,5 in shoes.

Thank you so much again to DieDreivomBlog Jetztkochtsieauchnoch, feinmotorik.blogspot and feierabendfrickeleien for the inspiration by hosting a sockKAL and thus enticing me to try this experiment. Sadly I missed these sources of inspiration last week during the Cologne Yarnfestival (Get well soon dear Jane🌸🌸🌸) but the inspiration continues nonetheless. feinmotorik.blogspot knitted up her second Askew me Poncho von Stephen West and I’m hugely tempted to make one for myself. Strangely I didn’t really like the pattern that much but her first one and her second one are incredibly beautiful. So I’m in search of yarn for my version or rather I can’t decide which colour combo I want mode.
Which isn’t that bad for now as I started a new travel project with two colour brioche in the meantime.

It’ll be a scarf with the pattern Flaming Hat by Lady in Yarn which I knitted three hats and a scarf already last year. The second hat I kept for myself needs a matching scarf for the next season.

And as if I wouldn’t be host to a couple of other wips I started a new sweater by Isabell Kraemer this weekend. More on this one will come later.😄

Have a lovely time
All my love


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