Adventure in socks

It’s a little hard to believe but in all my 30 years of knitting I never once knitted up socks. My colleague loves knitting socks as she likes they knit up so much faster than a sweater or a shawl and she experiences the joy of a finished project more often. For me I was always sure I’d choose to knit a sweater a 100 times before fighting these double pointed needles. The art of using dpns properly seems like magic to me. Like Mrs Weasley from Harry Potter who swings her wand and gets the needles to craft sweaters from yarn. I strongly believe that’s how dpns work. I admire those capable of the magic to knit beautiful items with this mess of needles. I’m too clumsy for that. I loose stitches all the time or have big lines between them. Top down sweaters may wait months for their sleeves (rumor has it some even waited years). But I came across those tiny 25cm circular needles by knitpro recently and these shortened the sleeve waiting time for my sweaters immensely. 😉
Since then I started wondering about socks. With these short needles or Magic Loop method socks seemed manageable. By chance and universes hidden magic DieDreivomBlog announced a knitalong for socks for August. The charming leadership by Jetztkochtsieauchnoch, feinmotorik.blogspot and feierabendfrickeleien inspired me to embark on this adventure. August seemed like a magic month to try something new as last year during the Olympic games (better known as Ravellenic Games among knitters😉) I designed a shawl for the first time and published the pattern.

The pattern for my first ever socks was quickly found with the Mirrorwork Socks by Thewoolclub. And from my above mentioned shawl I had beautiful purple sock yarn in my stash.

I believe I neglected to mention that purple is my all time favourite colour and with the yarn another circle for August adventures felt completed.
August came and with these Judy’s Magic Cast on which I never heard before. But the riches of today’s technologies provides me with video tutorials🤗
Instead of the dpns or Magic Loop method I opted for two circular needles and after the first few annoying rounds I found a rhythm.
A week later I am very pleased that with the encouragement by DieDreivomBlog and a lovely group of fellow knitters I finished my first ever sock and started the second one. I loved the experience.

Thank you so much DieDreivomBlog for inspiring me to this adventure.
All my love


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