Eckstein: after cognac comes moss

Today I reveived mail that lit up my heart.But let’s start at the beginning.

Two months ago I participated in a workshop by Knitting Designer Claudia Eisenkolb also known as himawariknits at my local yarnshop Atelyeah in Mönchengladbach.
It was a very fascinating day as Claudia showed us her beautiful designs. She also told us how the designing process works for her. A lot of her projects spring to live by simply knit and purl stitches and therefore are great if you just started out with knitting too.
For me there is no workshop that I don’t use to cast on a new project and I was pictured at the very beginning of the Eckstein sweater designed by Claudia.

The yarn I used is the one she used in her original. It’s a natural 4 thread fiber yarn by pascuali and I bought it in a beautiful cognac colour dyed by Andrea Färber from Fiberpassion.
It took me four weeks to knit it up and I just love this sweater. Actually I live in it at the moment. It is light weight and very comfortable and you can even wear it during warm summer days as the yarn made from wool, cellulose (ramie) and silk regulates the temperature nicely. It dries quickly and even though I live in it there is next to no pilling. I love a durable yarn.

As I loved it so much I decided to make a second one as contacted the dyer Andrea and asked her to dye another batch of Pinta yarn for me. And today I received mail from her. I am very happy with the beautiful moss green she made for me.

One of the things I like so much about knitting is meeting creative talented people who share a passion. Andrea’s label Fiberpassion certainly fits that category and discussing yarn colour and have it custom dyed for yourself feels marvellous. What a lovely experience to order yarn from her.
Due to other projects it might be a while until I can start my second Eckstein sweater. Or not as temptation is calling.

I hope some joyful project is calling you too.😉

Lots of love


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